Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Days

It's Back-To-School-Time for us here in the Hearth Room. 
Books, maps, manuals full of discussion questions, experiments and writing assignments, schedules, and lots of toddler activities...  There is so much to keep us busy!  And so many WonDerFul things to read! 
 We've taken a few weeks to gently slide back into a routine.  I have to admit it seems quite a daunting task when it lies out there ahead of us.  I mean, after such a random summer, just the thought of actually moving this family through the days on some sort of loose schedule full of learning opportunities was downright frightening! 
But it's always the books that grab our interest.  Once we organize the bookshelves with some of the year's planned reading materials we start to change gears and look forward to getting into some of the fun stories and activities that follow. 
So now that we've gotten used to our School Pace and are starting to add in the extra curricular all feels like it's coming together nicely.  And if Young Man reads while I get Sweet P down for a nap, I get to CROCHET!  Yes, right in the middle of my day!  I feel like I'm getting away with something luxurious, but it's really only 10 minutes...  Just let me finish this row...  Lol. 
My Ripple is almost done, but has taken a backseat to the Random Striped Blanket.  And I am now finishing a sweater for Sweet P, as well as starting a new baby blanket.  I have a lot of hooky catching up to do here, so I'll be back soon!
Are you hooking up something, too?

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