Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mums the Word... and Little Pumpkins





Hello Friends.  How are things with you this weekend?
I am enjoying the crispness of a new fall and the change in light.  I'm taking in the new colors of the season that are slowly creeping in.  And I'm pulling together the old fall decorations that we diligently pack away each year and then drag back out and spruce up enough to use again.  Sometimes something new gets tossed into the mix, but we do tend to get stuck in our ways here at the Hearth Room.  Or should I say, we are just plain comfortable with how we do things so we just keep doing them over and over year after year!  Actually, we find that at times like this, what has repeated itself over the years has become something of a tradition that we all look forward to.  Young Man has asked if we can make a scarecrow this year and that just tickled me right down to my toes!  Yes!  Of course we will make a scarecrow!  And we will place our pumpkins around the house and we will even have our little family Jack O'Lantern carving contest!  I should start planning ahead for that, because these guys are getting Really good at that in recent years...
So, I attempted to grow a few pumpkins this year.  I thought it would be fun for little people to have their own patch and then when fall came, our pumpkins would be ready to display or carve...  But I had some trouble with the whole pumpkin-growing thing.  Well, I either had trouble or too much help...
While the corn was still up, I squealed with excitement, "Look, Sweet P., the little pumpkins are growing!"  I continued to pick beans or weed until I heard, "Look, Mama!  A punt-in'!"
"Oh, Sweet P., you're not supposed to pick them yet.  You have to let them grow BIG!"
"Otay, Mama..."
That scenario replayed a few times.  And then Hubby, who loves the garden and can't seem to keep his hands off the most fascinating specimens out there, would often apologetically admit that he 'just touched' another pumpkin and ...   Ok, Honey, will you STOP 'touching' the pumpkins please!
So I finally had a couple pumpkins growing very nicely.  They were looking so great.  I thought, yay, we will have a few good pumpkins for carving after all!
Then, while I was watering the potatoes one evening I noticed a spot, no, more of a hole in one of my pretty, orange fellas...
Hubby says, "Hey, did your son tell you?  He shot your pumpkin."
?  He shot my pumpkin?!  Really? 
Apparently, my orange bounty was growing too close to his target.  Hmpf!  He usually hits his targets!  But apparently somehow he missed just this once.
  Ok.  So, Young Man, looks like your pumpkin is already morbidly dressed for our carving season. 
There.  You have a shot pumpkin.
So the few remaining pumpkins that survived and looked healthy I have set around the patio or in the mulch so that we can enjoy their fall beauty.  And we have now acquired a few other locally grown gourds that are blessing us with their beauty and varying textures.
In fact, Sweet P and I arranged them on the Hearth Room floor this morning to experience how they all feel and look a bit differently.  It's a true joy to me to have these lovelies around the house this time of year.  It may be silly to some, but I love it.  And we have fun with it here. 
So as Hubby and I have cleared most of the garden we gathered the last of the small melons that aren't good for eating and we made a pile -  right by Young Man's targets.
Now hopefully our scarecrow won't suffer the same fate.
I hope you're enjoying some fun fall things where you are!


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