Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Striping!




 Hello!  Can you tell this is a 'Dining Table'?  Sometimes we actually EAT here.  I have to admit:  When it's covered with stuff  it's almost always my stuff... Or Legos.   And, Yep, that's my craft table in the background.  Covered with loads of goodies to create with, yet mostly goes unused these days.  I'm thinking it may well get relocated AGAIN!
Anyway, do you remember the beginning of the Random Stripe Blanket?  I thought Jules' previous Mixed Stripe Blanket was SOOOO inspiring (and I secretly had a plan to work one out eventually...) that when she offered a crochet-along to make another I was so excited! 

Since my last Random Update where I had added a row of squares,  I have added several rows.  Again, I pick up and add whatever Jules posts that she's done on her blanket and then I make it up as I go along. 

So let's see....  For this update I have added a few rows of yellow half doubles, a row of pale pink sets of 3 DCs, then more half doubles in blue and red.  Then I did the hidden bobble thing that Jules did with the green and white.  I do love that polka dot look!  Next were several Granny Stripes and then back to simple half doubles.  My most favorite part so far??!!  I went back over that  pale pink DC row and added a dark pink ruffle! Well, 2 rows of it actually.  I love how it's worked 'onto' the fabric.  I suppose you could say it's like the wiggle crochet method sort of, in that you work onto the fabric top-to-bottom.  I love the texture and dimension it adds.  I had forgotten how much I used to use this ruffle in the past.  Now I"m hooked on that idea again!  Lol.  I am entertained by simple things.

Isn't it the coolest thing that depending on which view you have of the blanket it looks totally different?  Ahhh, Yarn Joy, that's what it is.

Other than this, I quickly hooked up a little sweater for Sweet P and the coolest, sweetest hat EVER!  I had a time finding buttons around here, but we found a bit of sparkle to work with and she loves it.

Be back soon with a peek!

Happy thoughts to ya!

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  1. Wow what a riot of colour over here, your blanket is looking great! :)
    Vivienne x


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