Monday, December 3, 2012

Granny Tree Skirt Comes Together


Good golly, this tree skirt is finally getting itself together!  Well, I'm getting it together...  Sort of.
None to soon, I have to add.
I can't say "Ta-Dah!"  It's really not complete yet.  I've pieced it together and made one round of border, but have another round to go.  It's really wonky and needs a pull or a pinch here and there.  But I HAD to throw the wonky thing down under a tree at least to see what it's going to be like!  Had to get a feel for it, you know?
It's made of left over acrylics (although I did have to break down and pick up a green and lavender).  It's a fun, easy, FREE pattern over at Red Heart
Now if I can get mine to play nice and lay flat and look as stunningly gorgeous as the one on their site, I'll be back with a better picture!  Not to mention I'm sure my hubby would be happy to see me use the actual camera to take a picture now and then and let up on my Hipstamatic craze. 
If not, you will know I am enjoying my perfectly wonky tree skirt creation in silence and we will just move right on to the Farmhouse Chic Christmas Rose Wreath. 
Love and Wonkiness to you all!



  1. Your tree skirt is looking great! Thank you so much for the link! Maybe I will make one too this year. Our tree will not move into our living room before Christmas Eve, so there is a little bit of time left. I will see!!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

    1. Awww.... Thanks, Barbina! I'm still working on it. Let me know if you make one! I'd love to see!

  2. Very nice! I like that quite a lot.


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