Friday, February 3, 2012

A Few Things Done...

Hey Friends!  What's up with you today?  Happy Friday to ya from the Hearthroom!

It's been a fairly good week here, although it seems to have sped by so quickly, whew!  In all the flurry of activity that has taken place here I have somehow managed to get a few things done so pardon me while I celebrate...

Done thing(s) #1:

Yay!  Aren't they cute?  Yep, Sweet P still hates them...  She's obsessed with headbands at the mo, so I'll hold out hope, but I tell ya, I'm done trying to accessorize that girl.  I'm going back to making her clothes instead.  She does enough accessorizing on her own anyway.  Hubby loves it when she's found in my closet...  Wearing my shoes and handbags that are way too big for her, but she thinks she's larger than life!

Pardon my lack of light.  If you've been to the Hearthroom before, you know...

In the process of reorganizing things I have dug up something of a collection of buttons and beads from various jewelry making and sewing endeavors, so they came in handy here.

I do love those ladybugs!  What is it about ladybugs and little girls?  They just seem to go together.

So on to Done thing #2:

You know the little baby 'giant' granny I mentioned?  All done.  Check!

Sorry, I can't show it in all it's glory since it's supposed to be a surprise.  So I really hope a certain someone isn't spending too much time in blog land...

Done thing #3:

Honey Oat Bread...  Aahhh.  I do love fresh bread.  Way too much in fact.  Especially since I'm trying to be good (sort of ) and running and all, this is really the last thing I needed to make.  Oh well.  It's wonderful.  Lovin' from the oven.  We ran our second mile last night with Young Man.  Headed out right after this post for mile 3!

This is not something that's 'done' but I've been needing to make some lists and organize various things so I pulled out some of the notebooks and journals I've had tucked away.  I've always had such a thing for stationery.  I just love it.  So I'm thinking the above notebooks need a little crochet action.  What do you think?

And then I have this beauty:  Made by a lovely, talented crafty friend, I've kept this stashed away because I haven't wanted to ruin it, lol.  I've got to use this one for something special.

And this fabulous journal, will you believe it if I told you this cover is actually removable?  So I can write and doodle until my heart's content and then I can take this great cover off and place it onto another journal.  This was another gift from a very talented, (very), crafty friend.  

So as I organize my thoughts into lists and plans and make use of some of these lovely journals I was thinking I may need to make some covered journals, or journal covers, of my own....  My brain is chock full of ideas!  It's funny too that I came across a blog post the other day all about journals and lists over at HearthandmadeUK with some great ideas. 

And then if you actually want to make your very own journal out of a vintage book, you MUST see this tutorial at Homespun Living.   

And then for all you stationery and letter writing lovers out there, guess what I came across yesterday?  A letter writing challenge.  Well it doesn't have to be a letter.  It could be a postcard or a note, etc. 

Just click on the image for the link.  You'll enjoy it!  Come trade some good old fashioned snail mail with us.  In fact, if you would like to receive a little note from the Hearthroom, just leave me a comment with a way to get something to you!  I have about 20 spots or so left.

I had to show you some kitty love on the way out.  Meet Fritz and Ginger.  Fritz is just a love lump and Ginger is just one of the best girls.

So you will NOT believe the CRAZY idea that has popped into my head about what I have to try and crochet.  Yes, the Ripple will be restarted first and then the bright pink yarn, but then I have to try something that is probably fairly ridiculous, but hey, it will be worth it if I can do it!  I've got to go jot down my idea(s) while they are fresh.  I feel like I'm forgetting to tell ya something, but this post is long enough as is!   Gotta go!

Love, love!

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