Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flowers Bloomin' All Over

I am SOOO happy to say that the Curli-Q Flower Scarf is DONE!!!!!

It took me much (very much) longer to complete than I thought it would, but once I convinced myself to get my hooky act together and get to making these little flowers, I finally pulled it off.

See all those daunting little ends there?  Oh, they are not fun at all!  Gripe, gripe, complain...  But it's such an important part of our work, isn't it?  To finish things properly makes ALL the difference.  And so I sat at the dining table on a couple of nights and did the Weaving of Ends, Snip, Snip... While children ran, husband chatted and cats scattered my OH SO Carefully laid out flowers all around!

Yes, that was a lovely surprise after I had arranged and rearranged the EXACT placement of each little flower.  To walk through the dining room in the morning and find buds scattered, pawed, and heaped in piles.  Those playful kitties...  They need no invitation, do they?

So my vow to complete this project became a bit more urgent!  I again arranged and rearranged until I felt good about it all and then finished it as quickly as possible!

And then in all my excited silliness, I had to go see what it looked like on!  This certainly is not a flattering picture, but it shows the lengths us crafty folk go to just to nab a picture of what we've done!  Never mind that Hubby came by to see what in the world I was doing.  He should be used to this kind of behavior by now, silly guy.

I must say, in the end, I do like my little cascade of flowers.  Yes, I wish I had more vibrant colors, but I think it's lovely in it's own way...  And very girlie and made with yummy, scrummy yarn.  So I have to say I'm pleased.

So, the pattern that started this whole thing is Belle Fleur Scarf from Stitch Nation.  It uses a more consistent flower pattern, just in different sizes, but as I mentioned before, I threw some different flowers together for this.  But guess what?!

I have found other uses for this little beauty!!

Can you believe it?  Of course you didn't think I'd just wear this scarf.... Ha!  It happened to look so perfectly comfortable wrapped around my tulip bulbs in the dining room.  Can you see that blur in the background?  Yep, that is yarn, stash and other projects sitting, waiting... 

Aahhh... Spring flowers galore!  It's just that sweet.  And after I had finished uploading these pictures another WonDerFul idea popped into my head of what to do with this flowery piece!  I cannot wait to go and try it out!  My fear is that if I love, LOVE my idea when I try it, I'll be needing to repeat this whole process.  I'll let you know! 

And after our snow and the 60 degree temps, look who woke up!  These sweet daffies are opening all around the house.  Sweet P. wants to walk all over them, but Young Man goes along and snips off the smushed ones to bring indoors to our Vase of Cheer here in the Hearthroom.  He's a good guy, that one.

I've been trying to write this post for a couple of days, but it's been a bit too hectic around here to sit still long enough to get it done until now.  And "now" is bedtime.  So as nice as it is to have a few quiet moments to reflect and write,(children all tucked in bed),  I really must be going.  I have so many other thoughts to share, but we'll get to that next time. 


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