Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Valentines

You know the routine....  Seasons change, holidays change, and the window changes.  I'm on the lookout for some new colors to put in the window this spring, but for yesterday it was all about...

Little hearts and fibers....

And guess what else?  Cupcake liners!  Of course!  Have you noticed the growing popularity of the cupcake liner?  What a fun idea!  I've noticed in the stores how very decorative these little paper liners have become, but it still didn't occur to me to use them for something other than a cupcake.  I have to admit, my thinking tends to stop at the thought of food.

When we were in the library last week, Young Man asked to look at the movie section....  So while I was patiently waiting for him and trying to keep Sweet P. off the tables I happened to notice a craft mag, (sorry I can't remember which one...I'll check back in at the library to see), but it showcased a few uses for these sweet, colorful, little papers.  One was this garland idea.  Across my big window, this garland seems a bit sparse, but it certainly fit the bill for a quick Valentine's Day decoration.

See how cute these papers are these days?  I could have bought about 8 kinds that I instantly fell in love with, but I'm not planning on repapering the walls or anything, so just stopped at one.  Another use the mag showed was to use them in papercrafting on cards.  I'm giving that one a go too.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a pic up of what I end up with.  Their garland idea showed the papers sewed together, but this way allowed me to play with my ribbon!

I have to say "Thank You..." to MemeRose for the lovely, sweet and absolutely perfect heart pattern!  This is one of my new favs and I enjoyed making these hearts with fat, chunky yarn and a big hook to make various sizes of hearts. 

So we gave in and had some sweets with the littles.  Ok, time to cut back now!  Oh yes, and that little postcard there...  It came from my lovely new penpal from New Hampshire!  Yay, that is exciting, too!  I am really enjoying the challenge and have actually done fairly well at getting my letters written daily. 

It's all for fun and memories.  Young Man loves the special feeling of the day even more than the candy.  Sweet P. just wants "canny", lol.

And this is what really happens in the window.  It's a hot spot and gets lots of visits.  It's contents are rearranged daily and gives me loads of opportunity to fix.  Hope you had a good Valentine's Day.  And I wish you the best, most creative day EVER today!  What are you working on?

xoxo, Chris


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  1. Sweet pictures and decorations!
    Saw your comment on Lucy's blog just now and decided to have a little lookie...

    Rachel, England


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