Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flowery Progress

I am holding myself accountable for completing this Curli-Q Flowery Scarf!  I must admit I wasn't crazy about the particular flower instructions, so I have pooled some Flowery Inspiration and am putting different flowers together here. 

The smaller 'bud' type of flower is made by crocheting a chain and then putting 3 double crochets in each chain stitch.  You can change color a time or two along the way.  In the end, you just swirl up the little hooky chain and stitch it together.  You get a pretty little bud!

I think the variety of flowers does make this scarf MUCH more interesting!

Now I just need to move on to my other colors and we should have something really much more interesting to work with here.  Yes, I do believe it's coming along....

I know, I know...  Yes I have gotten into that Hipstamatic App thing and I am loving it!  I'll get over it soon.

In the mean time, my kitchen has been taken over by - Robots?  Legos?  Lots of fun things apparently.

Yep, that would be the Legos. Amidst the pet hair, I'm sure.  Time to go reclaim the house!

Another something very handsome I really wanted to share.  I so love these little friends.  Do you have any yarn in your nest yet?

So, as promised, it was 60 degrees today and our Gift of Snow is really gone.  I can only find teeny tiny specks of it hiding under the trees.  We enjoyed it soooo much.  We can finally feel like we had winter at least.  Even if only in a very quick and tiny episode.  Now if only I can get Sweet P. to understand, as she continues to rush to the door with hat and boots in hand crying, "Wheeeeeeee."  I have nothing to sled on now, Sweet P.

Let's go make some flowers.


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