Monday, February 20, 2012

A Hearthroom Anniversary Weekend

Yep, Saturday marked my first year of blogging.  I've enjoyed having this little space.  It may not be chock full of brilliance, but I've enjoyed writing about some of my days and making memories in a place we can look back and enjoy later.  I enjoy being here so friends, old and new,(you know how old you are!), can stop by and see what's happening here.  I so look forward to seeing how this little blog space will change and grow.  And I'm so excited about the new friends I'll meet, too!

This sweet little donut came from one of our FAVorite shops called Blue Collar Joes.  We love to pop over there and indulge our cravings whenever we find a little something to celebrate!  And we will celebrate almost anything here in the Hearthroom!   Check out their website and you'll see why! 

So, since Saturday was my Bloggy Anniversary you would think I would have written some elaborate post, but instead I was out enjoying a much needed 'girls day' with my dear Elite Runner Friend.  Did we run?  No, silly, of course NOT!  She had her lovely little bistro table set with cups AND SAUCERS...  She had the best quiche and muffins and rich coffee.  Aahhhh.  Have I mentioned that she also announced to me that she wants to LEARN TO CROCHET!!!!  That is me up there dancing on the tables, celebrating!  Wooo Hoooo!  Just kidding.   And what do you think inspired her?  Me, you say?  Nope...  It was Austentacious Crochet.  Have you seen this book?  It is absolutely beautiful and I can totally see why that got to her.  She wants to make everything in that book, I think.  Well, I do too, so it's going to work out perfectly.  Another Aaahhhh...  So it looks like we will be having some very wonderful Crochet Camp days here in the Hearthroom very soon.  Yay!  So after our brunch we had plans to drive up to a local mountain resort for a bit of a change of scenery and some relaxation - girl style.

Yes we did....  We had our toes done.  Now we are not extravagant people by any means and it does feel a bit selfish to enjoy such a thing as having one's feet pampered and painted, but it's kind of nice once in a while.  Actually, my favorite part is that each time I look down and see pretty colored toes I remember our day together.  Yes, those would be my chubby toes, lol. 

Speaking of crochet, I have vowed to finish the Curli-Q flowery scarf which has been sitting close by, feeling very neglected.  I do love it.  You know what happened?  I wasn't loving the colors.  Yep, that's how I am...  I know, it's a sad thing, but there you go. 

  But even worse is seeing that little basket of yarn sitting there feeling so neglected and unloved.   I can't have that, not at all! So I have been making flowers and will be finishing this very soon, I hope... Depending on my Little People, you see.

I think it's also a daunting task to imagine having to pin and block all those little leafy parts.  Isn't that the funniest thing about lots of us yarn lovers?  That we create and work along loving the process right up until the point when we have to actually finish the thing we have so loved creating.  Working in ends, blocking, snipping...  Time to put on my big girl panties and deal!  So hopefully I'll have a finished flowery scarf to post here and even better to WEAR!  Or gift... Hmmmm....

So just as we were embracing the thought of spring approaching and were beginning to plan on moving bulbs and tilling the garden, we finally received the gift of winter.  We LOVE winter and snow here in the Hearthroom.  We love to see the snow falling.  We love to be out in it and we love to sit snug and warm and watch it falling with great anticipation.  Ooooo... the excitement!

Little hyacinths with a frosty layer of new snow - probably not as excited.
Sweet, cold daffies getting a sugar coating, too.  It's ok...  It's supposed to 60 degrees in two days!


Even Woody Woodson likes a little snow action!  Yes, he does.  He jumps very high in the air to catch a snowball if you'll take the time to toss one to him.  He's such a good boy.  Have you met Woody before? What a special guy.  So much so that our dog-sitter kind of doesn't want to give him back after we travel.  We try to share the Woody love best we can.  Without losing a pet of course!

I know all too well that many folks do not love this wintry stuff as much as we do, so I hope you had a good weekend where you are, snowy or not. 

I've got to go get crackin' on those little flowers now before the motivation wears off!  Not to mention, I'm really trying to get to some other yarny goodness!  I can't have a little flowery scarf come in the way of that!


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