Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogtoberfest Attempt

Well, do I really think I will find the time to post daily for this month?
I certainly look forward to the challenge.
Of course I'm a day late.  I just read about this last night as I was already crawling towards bed.  I had a crazy thought that I'd crawl back out to the Hearth Room and do a quick post to be 'official' and everything, but the thought left as quickly as it came.
Thank goodness I had some sense about me last night.
Now it seems all good sense is gone, as this morning I think I'm going to find time to post in a somewhat gracious manner each day this month...
Well, they may be quick, short posts, but I will try.  I'm hoping to find that I can post more often in my normal daily life by taking just a few minutes to journal about my day or what I've been working on.  And I really look forward to reading and supporting some of the other bloggy folks who are participating.
Hey, maybe I'll come back later for an actual October 2nd post, as this one should have happened yesterday!
See you soon!

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