Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello... Did you have a good weekend? 
Last week was a little busier than usual for us so Sunday was a wonderful day to catch up and stay close to home.
We actually did a few things around the house while we listened to the constant 'hum' of the football games on television. 
I have had some sweet little curtains sitting quietly in their box, waiting desperately to be hung in the Hearth Room windows...  Some of them finally made it up!  Since the temps are dropping rather quickly and we had a nice chilly rain for the past few days it seems that there is finally some sense of urgency to get these windows covered! 
And I'm still on a sour dough bread kick.... and after feeding the starter once a week you are supposed to make bread.  Every week...  It's a really good sour dough and the family always enjoys it, but there always comes a time when you haven't eaten all the bread you've made and it's time to make more!  So I decided to cube the left over loaf and bake it to make sour dough croutons for salads or casseroles.  You know fall is casserole time, right?
And then I offer up this picture of a very tangled looking Christmas crochet project.  It's funny because the colors are so fall-ish right now, but it really is a Christmas thing.  I promise to come back and share what it looks like for real.  I won't even use the Hipstamatic App!
It is going to consist of some deeper, jewel tone colors, (I think), and I think it will make Granny proud.  Honestly, with all the pumpkin, maize and dark blue I would be willing to scrap the whole idea right now - but I've seen the pictures of the finished thing, so I will hook on!
Fingers crossed, Granny...

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