Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Pumpkin Day


Hello Lovely Friends.  I feel as if I have been fast-forward-ed to the end of the month. 
 The gray, bleak sky today reminds me it's time to carve out pumpkins for our little family 'contest'.   Considering that I left town to visit my favorite Grandparents and returned home just in time to greet FrankenStorm Sandy, I've needed to play catch-up once again. 
Armed with a hot cup of apple mint tea to keep my fingers warm, I managed to help the little people make some ghosts to hang over our apple bobbing table.  I'm not at all a scary Halloween kind of girl.  No, I'm a silly pumpkin and candy kind of girl.  Nothing gross or scary here.  Just silly, sugar-filled fun to spin our memories with.   
We also put together some bacon fat/seed/fruit cupcakes for our feathered friends today.  It's been a fun, chilly, outside kind of day.  And once we had our birdie treats hanging around in the trees outside the Hearth Room, do you know what I heard?
  The hawk. 
And how about this late-bloomer?  One last little sunflower planted by dropped seeds at the feeder has opened her bright face just in time.  I'm afraid this lonely little bee is a bit cold.  It moves when I 'pet' it, but it doesn't seem to do anything more. 
Well, I had better be off to gather the carving supplies and cheat just enough to plan what we can do for Sweet P's pumpkin before Hubby gets home.  I'm sure he's got something up his sleeve for his pumpkin.  I know Young Man does. 
Boo to you!

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