Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crochet Christmas Ornament 1


Ok, it's a start.  It's a bit wonky, (no, it's really wonky!), and this prototype proves change is needed, but it's a beginning!
The 'tube' I crocheted was meant to be fairly slender, but then when it came time to 'stuff' it there was considerable difficulty.  I used a Tunisian crochet hook to stuff the filling, but it became too 'stuffed' and stretched looking.  Regardless, I now had a form on which to practice some leaves and berries.  But now that I can see all that's wrong with this one, it will make a great Christmas toy for Sweet Pea or a cat.  Maybe I'll dip it in some catnip. 
As much as I love the traditional Christmas colors, this leaves me craving some bright colors with a bit of whimsy. 
I'd better get to work!

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