Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Wreath DIY Style


Was it a "Moment of Whimsy",  a sign of desperation, or am I just plain cheap?
Actually, it's a result of ALL 3!  And  the fact that I love to make things myself!
Everywhere I go lately I find myself looking at wreaths and other decor items to place on our doors here at the Hearth Room.  From little tin signs to plastic pumpkins and vine wreaths covered in fake leaves...   Nothing was grabbing me and it was all over-priced. 
Finally, I came to my senses and realized I could make something myself that would show a bit of whimsy, would definitely be handmade and best of all, FREE!
Out to the backyard I went on a search for some vine.  As I coiled my vine into a wreath shape it instantly took on the look of a pumpkin.  I didn't know where this whole decoration thing was going at the time, so I pondered this naturally-occurring pumpkin shape and went with it.  Of course, the second naturally-occurring thing to do would be add some yarn to it, so out came a tiny bit of left over 'pumpkin' colored yarn.
Now this is where I might lose most folks in my handmade rustic wreath attempt, but ever since those elementary years of childhood, when you draw a pumpkin it has those slightly curved, vertical lines to show it's dimension...  Right?  So my orange crocheted chain became those lines.  Next I made a little 'bow tie' of green to tie on as leaves.  I then scavenged around in the "fall decor" bin for loose leaf and flower leftovers.  Hot glue is my friend. 
And Ta-Da!  I have a very handmade, very whimsical, rustic fall wreath to adorn my Hearth Room's back door.  I suppose I could have invested actual time in planning and material gathering, but the children were quiet, Hubby was watching football and I wanted instant gratification. 
Maybe I will plan for the next door.  And maybe I'll plan ahead for some Christmas decorations.  But today it was all about winging it fast and it was fun. 
So can you see that it is a pumpkin wreath?  Or as Young Man suggested, do you see a web?
I see every school aged pumpkin drawing I ever made in the form of a wreath on my back door. 
That's cool.


  1. I love you wreath! Especially that it was such a spur of the moment idea that came to life while you were building it. I can see the lines of the pumpkin perfectly!
    I was reading through your posts and I'm guessing that your granny Christmas project might be a tree skirt. Or maybe a poncho?
    I'll stay tuned to find out!

    1. Aww... Thank you! Without some sheer determination I wouldn't get anything done! And, Yup, it's a tree skirt!


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