Friday, October 5, 2012

Learning Places

This is the little rug on the floor of the room in which we keep most of our learning materials.  I find it hard to word that sentence properly, as part of what we believe as homeschoolers is that fostering a love of learning for life should not be confined to just one room.  With that said, in order for this Homeschool Mom to maintain any level of sanity, I must have a place for everything and everything in it's place.  So we have designated one special room to hold our desks and bookshelves, lessons, assignments, wall maps, and everything else.  As someone who tends to name all the rooms in the house and sometimes even certain spots in the house, I struggle to know what to call this room.  "Classroom" is exactly what we want to avoid calling this room, as we don't want to associate that all of our learning can only happen in a 'class' room.  It's definitely not a 'library', as that brings to mind images of a much more mature room full of woodwork and character from walls filled with tomes we do not have.  We have a special spot for quiet reading that we call "The Nook", although it makes no reference to electronic reading devices, I can assure you. 
  As we have spent two days out learning in some of the most beautiful and fascinating places Virginia has to offer this week, it becomes clear to me that the world is our "classroom".  So that makes it all the more pressing for me to be able to answer Young Man when asks, "Hey, Mom...  Where is my book?" 
"Hey, I think it's in the ________________."
Study?  Learning Room?  No. 
I'll keep thinking on it.  And I will ask Young Man. 
And, no... It's not a cat sanctuary.  He's just very comfortable with our routine. 

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